New iPhone or mock-up?

Rumors are all about, is this the new iPhone that Gizmodo is showing us?
I wouldn’t believe it at first, because it looked so small, I even thought it could be an iPhone mini.
After checking out the pictures at Macrumors I am a little more convinced. Also the letter in which Apple requests it’s device back looks very authentic. Or isn’t it ??

This would be the first time an Apple product is uncovered way before the launch.
I’m really not convinced, maybe it’s a hoax from Apple itself trying to throw sand in our eyes and getting more attention and brand value without any product or launch-date even near.
Than Apple is allready again, for the second year in a row: Selling Air Champion 2010

If it isn’t I wonder if Apple would have a plan ‘B’. I can see panic in the eyes of developers, designers, technisians, CEO’s running around like mad cows in cupertino. Can cowboy Steve cope with this loose hurdle of stack? And even worse: the suspicians… who fell for the mighty dollar. Rumors say that someone was offered 5000 Dollar at the corner of a Starbucks.. the favorite hangout of another Steve, Steve B. A big guy they say, he looks a bit sweaty and they here him coming from miles away. Co-workers and friends like to call him the white gorilla, when he enters the room, everybody is quiet and stares with fear in there eyes at the doorpost as he yells: ‘I LOVE THIS COMPANY! WHOOHA! Now gimmy a Lathe Machiato to go’..

That mornin it all went wrong. A young developer, best of his class, about 17 years old, brought in, personally by Steve J., from a small village in the Midwest, lacking any social skills and anticipation was invited by an old college friend to drink some coffee at the nearby Starbucks.

He had always been the nerd, every kid.. no even the teachers, bullied him around. It was time to get back at everyone. This was his momento. He took out of his pocket the most valuable artefact of modern time and showed it to his friend. He looked stunned stood there with white opened eyes looking at this juwel of industrial design.

He began to stutter, but nothing came out of his mouth.
Our nerdy friend laughed, he was now the centre of the universe, a God in everyones eyes. Than he felled a tap on his shoulder. He looked back and stared in the glancing eyes of the white Gorilla. In all his excitement he hadn’t heard hom come in. His friend who seemed staring because of the revelation in his hand, had been staring to the door, watching Steve B. making his usual entrance.
He tried to warn his friend, but the entrance made such an impact, he could only stumble some sounds.

‘What do we have here?’
‘Uhm, it’s an Android..’
‘With an Apple logo? Haaahahahahahaa!’ Steve interrupted.
‘No my little friend, it is, almost certainly the next iPhone, hmm’
‘I’ll give you 4000,- for it!’
‘..uh, it’s not for sale’
‘WHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA’ Steve laught almost choking in it.
‘Okay I’ll give you 5000,-.’
Steve B. pulled the dollars out of his pocked.
Our friend knew he wasn’t going to get away with it.
He was almost shrunk beneith the table they were sitting at, and had no choise.
The new iPhone was out in the world, he had lost it, having nothing, having to face disgrase again.

A this moment it is circulating in the hands of Gizmodo.
How this story ends?
And the boy, will it ever come out?
Will he ever fall into grace again, with his Padre?
We will know this summer.
We’ll keep you posted.


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