Building typefaces gets easy with fontstruct


In the early days of my existence as a graphic designer, the 90ies. I was working a lot with industrial types and monospaced block fonts doing a lot of techno label and flyer designs. At that time a had to build and shuffle a lot with illustrator to get everything worked out and in place.

Today it has become a lot easier!
Thanks to Fontstruct by Fontshop. For example I took 2 fonttypes of Atelier René Knip and Gruyterfabriek. If you look at them, the’re almost the same.


This is a block kind of type, so we can use fontstruct to build it. Fontstruct has a Lego kind of library with buildingblocks great quickly build fonttypes like these. The only thing you need to do is sign up, build your font on a square grid, like this:
Click download and you are ready to go! The download button renders a ttf file you can use as a real font. Great isn’t it?
All your favorite monotype block fonts made in a minute. It took me about 4 hours this weekend to build.

Okay it doesn’t support the big round corners. But I’ve got the ttf. Open it in a proper fontddesign program and you can add the nice round corners of the C or G to get it right. A kid can do the laundry, as we say in Dutch.

Feel free to use it and try it out.
Download the font overhere:

Open standards not only for web! 🙂

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