Fontstruct applicable? Dingemans Architecture designed this tile wall with it

tegels-tunnelwand-Hengelo Dingemans Architectuur

Jeroen architect at Dingemans architectuur is a co-worker friend who is working at our office was working on a tile wall for the station in Hengelo. The station is a central point of departure for trains into Europe and to local places. He told me his concept to design lines along which all the different Capitals of Europe would be placed in names, kinda like a Metromap.

So, I pointed out that he could do this very easy with Fontstruct, a program whitch I had been working with for a while. It worked out great, it’s easy and fast to get a font out, better then having to draw and copy past every block in the right place with Illustrator or Coreldraw.

More images overhere: Tile wall Dingemans Architecture

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