I am now officially a frontend hero!

As off this week I officially joined frontend-heroes.
Frontend-HEROES is the loose collaboration of frontend developers working individually or together on bigger interface projects.

I myself was introduced by my friend Wilfred to join up on a project for Agis in 2006. I was then a good designer, but no-good frontend developer. Working with (crappy, I didn’t know yet) WYSIWYG tools like GoLive and Dreamweaver. Wilfred helped me into W3C, semantic and good HTML CSS coding. It opened my eyes and made me in 4 years the better and happier frontend, user-interface and interaction designer I am today!

Today we are still exploring the fronteers on good semantic coding. We are passionate about our work, we develop better things for a better cause. We like working opensource to share our things with the rest of the world.

Here here! for frontend-heroes

Thnx guys 🙂

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