Dubstep is officially Dupstep

WOW! I’ve been witness of a few new music styles in my life, Acidhouse & Techno, Jungle, Grunge (in following order) but I’m begining to believe that Dupstep is going to a whole other level.

It’s slow rithm, it’s very low bass’ and it’s incredible nervous uncontrolable electronic sounds on top of that, makes this a spectacle that I’ve never heard before. At first I thought it was a nice addition and combination of electronic music, but I really underestimated it’s potential!

Listen to this mix:

war-of-the-worlds Dupstep mix by Erwtenpeller

At some point from minute 15 it starts getting good, somewhere between there and 40 minutes it began to sound like if aliens are talking to each other, incredible!!!

Dubstep is now officially a totally new music style!
I’m curious if it will go beyond this, I believe it has all the ingredients to it.

I got to this mix of a new college and friend of mine, THNX Caspar! Strange thing as we were talking about sixties and seventees blues and rock. Okay I did mention I like Dubstep..

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