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The must-have fashion statement of 2010

donderdag, december 16th, 2010

THX Stefan!

Lady Gaga among the most creative people today

donderdag, juli 1st, 2010

Afbeelding 1

Star Wars vs Adidas nice commercial

vrijdag, juni 11th, 2010

Cool video by Adidas. Daft Punk, Snoop dog, Beckham ao in de ‘Cantina’ at Star Wars.

The GaGa Imperial Star Destroyer has arrived!

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

Lady Gaga lightning

Update on Gaga’s closet!
What great outfit again! I wouldn’t wear this, besides carnaval though, but still love her 🙂
I wonder how the guy behind her saw the rest of the movie?

Yeah Baby! New clip Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

maandag, maart 15th, 2010

Music again folks. Nice new clip from Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ©, alltough I think the story is a bit lame, the graphics and electronic effects make up for that.. I was allready very happy with this great sound mix of my favorite popdiva’s in todays popmusic. The clip is a marker of avantgarde style today.
Nice touch, Tarentino’s Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill Vol. 1, offered to them himself.

Explicit? Sorry I’m an artist and I’m from Holland..

p.s. Young folks reading this, watch the clip below Satisfaction by DEVO. One of the first electropop we had those days.

Lady GaGa branches out

dinsdag, maart 2nd, 2010


Wow, I wouldn’t wanna wear this, except for carnaval.
I think she’ld better stick with her music..

Thnx yvestown!

Nice website for Wrangler Bluebell

dinsdag, maart 2nd, 2010


Great vivid interface for Wrangler Blue Bell.
Try it out!

Thnx MvD!

One more time! Komono watches very 80ies

zondag, februari 28th, 2010


I got to get me one of these!

Great eighties watch by Komono. It’s been a while since I worn these, it was also the only watch in my entire life that I’ve worn until the bandage broke. So “one more time!”

See all colour combinations overhere: Downtown
Available online and for locals the Downtown store in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Really strange design in mens trousers, the penis trousers!

dinsdag, februari 23rd, 2010

isabel mastache penis trousers

Okay, I’m into fashion, design and art, but you won’t be seeing me wearing one of these! These penis trousers, presented by Isabel Mastache at the Madrid fashion week, is where I’m loosing touch with all the hip sex in the city types of beyond 2010.