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Real interaction in webdesign

dinsdag, december 14th, 2010

No more vacuuming! Great design

dinsdag, december 14th, 2010

Dust Ball from Dave Hakkens on Vimeo.


woensdag, november 24th, 2010

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

Cool! Get your car wrapped at Vermeulen Reclame

maandag, november 8th, 2010
Car Wrapping Vermeulen Reclame

Car Wrapping Vermeulen Reclame

Webdesign by us ­čÖé
Cool movie, shows you how BMW gets wrapped in a new colour.

New free font STOP POLICE

maandag, oktober 4th, 2010


This font I designed for the purpose of, well the name sais it all, a STOP POLICE sign I needed in my design:


To get this job done quickly, easy and neat, I used my favorite quick fontbuilding web app

The font is free for download from my website: GHDesigns – Typography. (Yes, it’s in Dutch, use Google to translate, there will be an EN version soon)

Your girl thinks your sick but… luckely the whole bar helps!

dinsdag, september 28th, 2010

TEDx Amsterdam

maandag, september 20th, 2010

TEDxAmsterdam 2010 trailer from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.

Dubstep is officially Dupstep

donderdag, juli 15th, 2010

WOW! I’ve been witness of a few new music styles in my life, Acidhouse & Techno, Jungle, Grunge (in following order) but I’m begining to believe that Dupstep is going to a whole other level.

It’s slow rithm, it’s very low bass’ and it’s incredible nervous uncontrolable electronic sounds on top of that, makes this a spectacle that I’ve never heard before. At first I thought it was a nice addition and combination of electronic music, but I really underestimated it’s potential!

Listen to this mix:

war-of-the-worlds Dupstep mix by Erwtenpeller

At some point from minute 15 it starts getting good, somewhere between there and 40 minutes it began to sound like if aliens are talking to each other, incredible!!!

Dubstep is now officially a totally new music style!
I’m curious if it will go beyond this, I believe it has all the ingredients to it.

I got to this mix of a new college and friend of mine, THNX Caspar! Strange thing as we were talking about sixties and seventees blues and rock. Okay I did mention I like Dubstep..

Spoor 38, specially for Yvestown visitors

donderdag, juli 15th, 2010

Visitors from Yvestown will love this, I wanted to post this for a long time for you guys.

Spoor 38 is from a client of mine which I met 10 years ago. Over the years we also became friends. At the time he was working as a sales manager, but his one only dream was to have his own shop in vintage furniture and that dream became Spoor 38.

I helped him designing the logo originating from the old Art Deco logo of the former factories function a creambutter factory. I think it’s really beautiful just like the store. It offers a lot of really antique quite rare vintage collectors items like Jielde lamps, Singer chairs, Louis XVI closets and cabinets, chesterfields, industrial design lamps (the taste the good architect) and many many more.

So I would say take a look around, maybe and if you’re in Holland, visit the store, it’s really worth the trip!

Vistit the website overhere:


Updating the blog

donderdag, juli 15th, 2010

So it has been a while, posted some things, but finally found some time again.

I got some great things from friends, and I still needed to update some items as you will see.