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And the result.. Yomar Augusto workshop

dinsdag, oktober 11th, 2011

Last month I visited the Typography festival ‘Now we are talking’ at the F.A.S.T. Surf village in The Hague. It was an inspiring visit. At the fesitival I joined the workshop of Yomar Augusto to enhance my calligraphy and handwriting for the coming years. Our hometown is celebrating 500 years Jheronimus Bosch and I thought it would be nice to develop a type for this occassion.
This is one of the designs:

To be continued…

Now We Are Talking Festival

woensdag, augustus 31st, 2011

Really looking forward to Friday the 2nd of September, than I’ll be visiting the Now we are talking Festival. Together with one of my best friends also typo addict Zwaan en Vos we’ll be attending and joining up for a workshop.

Now we are talking Festival

Great new tool by Wacom: Inkling

woensdag, augustus 31st, 2011

Thx Marck!

Working for Essent

donderdag, juli 15th, 2010

One of the main reasons I got so busy is that got a new project at Essent, an energy company in the Netherlands. My join up with Frontend heroes paid out there, THNX Guys.

It’s a nice work environment where I met lots of nice people and new colleges and, off course, new twitter friends!!
I’m working on an intern project in which I do designing and frontend work and discovering Movable Type. Also a nice blogging tool. To show you some designs, these are a few widgets I’ve been working on for a dashboard:


Philip Zimbardo on “The Secret Powers of Time”

maandag, juni 14th, 2010

Another great animation from RSA.

Great presentation on what drives people to do better things

vrijdag, mei 14th, 2010

Open standards and freetime autonomy projects work!
Wow this really hooks on to my previous post. Spending freetime on Fontstruct types is motivating, gives me satisfaction and leads to better results. And offcourse I give it away for free.

Building typefaces gets easy with fontstruct

dinsdag, mei 11th, 2010


In the early days of my existence as a graphic designer, the 90ies. I was working a lot with industrial types and monospaced block fonts doing a lot of techno label and flyer designs. At that time a had to build and shuffle a lot with illustrator to get everything worked out and in place.

Today it has become a lot easier!
Thanks to Fontstruct by Fontshop. For example I took 2 fonttypes of Atelier René Knip and Gruyterfabriek. If you look at them, the’re almost the same.


This is a block kind of type, so we can use fontstruct to build it. Fontstruct has a Lego kind of library with buildingblocks great quickly build fonttypes like these. The only thing you need to do is sign up, build your font on a square grid, like this:
Click download and you are ready to go! The download button renders a ttf file you can use as a real font. Great isn’t it?
All your favorite monotype block fonts made in a minute. It took me about 4 hours this weekend to build.

Okay it doesn’t support the big round corners. But I’ve got the ttf. Open it in a proper fontddesign program and you can add the nice round corners of the C or G to get it right. A kid can do the laundry, as we say in Dutch.

Feel free to use it and try it out.
Download the font overhere:

Open standards not only for web! 🙂

2010 Design

zondag, mei 2nd, 2010


Busy on 2010 Design, for covers. Still not there, but enjoying the process.

Kapreles’ nice cartoons

vrijdag, april 9th, 2010


Nice S

donderdag, maart 18th, 2010

fontss Typography design Jerhonimus Bosch type draft

Just to keep you a bit warm.
Yes I’m still busy on my font designs.
And yes, there will be a beta version of the first sans light very soon!
And no, this is not a design lamp.
More on this font design later on..