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Nice! Short movie made with famous logo’s

zaterdag, maart 6th, 2010

Thnx WNAS!

Think out of the box

dinsdag, maart 2nd, 2010


Advertising think out of the box..

Thnx SV!

Info animation for Waterworld Sweden

donderdag, februari 18th, 2010

Waterworld Sweden outdoor holiday family adventures

That’s what I like about animation, bringing information to live. We build this simple animation for Waterworld Sweden, which brings their package to live, so visitors can see what adventures they can expect from their travel.

I can say it is truly a great experience, Sweden is a beautiful country. We’ll be heading off there this year as well!

Flipbook animation on.. well everything

zaterdag, februari 13th, 2010

Very nicely made.

Very nice animation!

donderdag, januari 28th, 2010


Working on a new character

maandag, januari 25th, 2010


The past month I’ve been working on a new character. I cal him Jim, he really looks like a Jim I think. I’ve been asked to be a little secret about it, so the name and logo (-type) remain confidential for the moment.

But I really love this little guy allready, I couldn’t wait showing him to the rest of the world.

New corporate style Hei-Tech

vrijdag, januari 22nd, 2010

Corporate design and website design for Hei-Tech.
Hei-Tech is a company that develops heat exchangers. They regain energy from warm wastwater through a ingenious pipe system.
The assignment was to redesign the logo and style which visualizes warmth.

For the website we designed a character which will be used through their corporate style. The main issue was to come up with a solution for the use in countries which don’t appreciate ┬ánaked bodies in visual communication.


Little Yellow Riding Hood in 300 fonttypes

vrijdag, januari 22nd, 2010

Great to watch!


Little Yellow Riding Hood

For the love for illustrations

vrijdag, januari 22nd, 2010

Detail of an illustration for Bacardi Mojito.