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Music test

maandag, november 17th, 2014

Let’s test if this works. Soon a new feature 😉



Titel van de song

Thank you!

Now We Are Talking Festival

woensdag, augustus 31st, 2011

Really looking forward to Friday the 2nd of September, than I’ll be visiting the Now we are talking Festival. Together with one of my best friends also typo addict Zwaan en Vos we’ll be attending and joining up for a workshop.

Now we are talking Festival

Dubstep is officially Dupstep

donderdag, juli 15th, 2010

WOW! I’ve been witness of a few new music styles in my life, Acidhouse & Techno, Jungle, Grunge (in following order) but I’m begining to believe that Dupstep is going to a whole other level.

It’s slow rithm, it’s very low bass’ and it’s incredible nervous uncontrolable electronic sounds on top of that, makes this a spectacle that I’ve never heard before. At first I thought it was a nice addition and combination of electronic music, but I really underestimated it’s potential!

Listen to this mix:

war-of-the-worlds Dupstep mix by Erwtenpeller

At some point from minute 15 it starts getting good, somewhere between there and 40 minutes it began to sound like if aliens are talking to each other, incredible!!!

Dubstep is now officially a totally new music style!
I’m curious if it will go beyond this, I believe it has all the ingredients to it.

I got to this mix of a new college and friend of mine, THNX Caspar! Strange thing as we were talking about sixties and seventees blues and rock. Okay I did mention I like Dubstep..

Opera joins in on the discussion Flash vs Apple

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

Opera definitely feels that both technologies have there own role in webdevelopment. But overall web developement will benefit from open web standards.
I agree!

Read here,via WNAS: WNAS

Thnx WNAS!

The GaGa Imperial Star Destroyer has arrived!

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

Lady Gaga lightning

Update on Gaga’s closet!
What great outfit again! I wouldn’t wear this, besides carnaval though, but still love her 🙂
I wonder how the guy behind her saw the rest of the movie?

2010 Design

zondag, mei 2nd, 2010


Busy on 2010 Design, for covers. Still not there, but enjoying the process.

This too shall pass – Video song

dinsdag, april 6th, 2010

Thnx FR!

Yeah Baby! New clip Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

maandag, maart 15th, 2010

Music again folks. Nice new clip from Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ©, alltough I think the story is a bit lame, the graphics and electronic effects make up for that.. I was allready very happy with this great sound mix of my favorite popdiva’s in todays popmusic. The clip is a marker of avantgarde style today.
Nice touch, Tarentino’s Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill Vol. 1, offered to them himself.

Explicit? Sorry I’m an artist and I’m from Holland..

p.s. Young folks reading this, watch the clip below Satisfaction by DEVO. One of the first electropop we had those days.

Nr. 1 and 2 for march this moment in music

donderdag, maart 11th, 2010

Okay time to do something with the music section today!

Today is the anouncement of 2 songs that caught me in march. Also a lot of old Jazz was on my list by Coltrane Brubeck and Gillespie. But I wanted to do something for a rather young style first. Great artists very well put together.. Dubstep! Enjoy!

Nr. 1 Licky Windows – George Lenton

Nr. 2 R u ready – Drumssound & Bassline Smith

Okay we’ll check out at the end of the month if they make it for the rest of the year.

For good music listen to PBB! 🙂


donderdag, maart 11th, 2010

MV pointed me out on one of my old time favorites. Here is a nice old video coverage of it. Satisfaction by DEVO, better than the Stones !!