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Philip Zimbardo on “The Secret Powers of Time”

maandag, juni 14th, 2010

Another great animation from RSA.

Super! Rebuild your TV with Wii remote to 3D TV

dinsdag, mei 18th, 2010

This is really awesome. 3D TV, Augmented reality we’re really on the verge of a break through in 3D virtual reality.

Thnx MM!

Great presentation on what drives people to do better things

vrijdag, mei 14th, 2010

Open standards and freetime autonomy projects work!
Wow this really hooks on to my previous post. Spending freetime on Fontstruct types is motivating, gives me satisfaction and leads to better results. And offcourse I give it away for free.

Klonk Narrow – Fontstruct typedesign version 2

woensdag, mei 12th, 2010


Update on Klonk typeface:
After looking at it posting this article (actually my first review). I thought Klonk V1 was a bit to wide in comparison to the Knip and Gruytefabriek type. I made a new version called Klonk-Narrow.

Download the font overhere:
Download over here at Fontstruct: Klonk-Narrow
Thnx for the tip Aphoria! 🙂

Fontstruct team also made it a Top pick on the Fontstruct site. I’m very proud and gratefull, thnx Afrojet!

Now Adobe also is going to build the best HTML5 tool?

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

Okay, here is another post on Adobe, besides Flash they will build the best HTML5 tool.. why and how? HTML5 coding is easy and very handy. I’m very curious as every WYSIWYG tool I’ve tried creates large piles of garbage code!

Adobe vs Apple continues

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

You could wait on the reaction.
Here’s what Adobe says onmacrumors.

News on Apple vs Adobe

donderdag, april 29th, 2010

Words on Flash by Steve Jobs

As a Frontend developer of HTML5 and css3 a lot now a days, I can agree. Only making animations (cartoon like) is more easy to make with Flash. ‘Why can’t they all get along?’

Breaking news: Brand in het centrum van Den Bosch

zaterdag, april 17th, 2010


Foto’s van de brand in een appartement in Den Bosch.

Googles marketing strategy

vrijdag, februari 26th, 2010

Fun! 🙂 Thanks WNAS!

Flyfire 3D LED screen project with mini helicopters

zondag, februari 21st, 2010

Will this be the new 3D imaging method? Read more about it at Flyfire.