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Top #3 best logo designs

vrijdag, december 7th, 2012

A few years ago, a friend, who also worked at an advertising agency, asked me, rather out of the blue: ‘As a designer, what do you think is the best logo you know?’ Well, I was surprised. Not only anyone had ever asked me this, but more surprising to myself, it never had come to my mind or even think about this. Though I was in design for 10 years at that time.


I didn’t wait to long to answer: ‘Coca Cola’. He reacted surprised on my answer. He told me that no one, as up yet, had said Coca Cola. It was more commonly to get Pepsi as answer. I was the first to answer one of the most classic brands instead of a more modern design logo, like Pepsi.


That got me started thinking over the years. From time to time that question popped into my mind, and I tried to answer as quick as possible to maintain the most objective as I could be. I off course  wanted to know if my taste would change. Well, in my opinion the Coca Cola logo is one of the best logo’s ever designed. But there are more. And so I came up to make a list of my own Top 3!


First we need to have a set of rules first to judge it by.
I think a logo should measure to these 4 values:


A. Aesthetic


B. Balance


C. Branding


D. Coolness


Let’s begin. The first runner up.. drum roll ……..


#3 PS2 logo




This is a very beautiful example of modern lined logo, I very much like the simplicity and elegance of this logo and it’s functional as well. On the branding side the design is very recognizable and met the industrial design of the player.


#2 Coca Cola logo

The Coca Cola logo is one of my old time favorites. It’s famous it’s elegant and it’s authentic. I love calligraphy and
logo’s that don’t change over time, because they are such a timeless image. The Coca Cola logo, has all of that and everybody knows this brand by just seeing the shapes of the logo. Very cool!


#1 Agip logo

And the #1 logo is the Agip logo. It’s because it’s beauty, it’s insanity, but above all it’s world-famous and how did they ever come up with this!? The logo, well you can see it, consists of a dog with 6 legs spitting fire backwards. Besides this, the text is written in an Helvetica op outline, typographically a no go. And still all these ludicrous elements added up, make this beautiful logo.
Yes it is, according to me, the most beautiful logo. It is aesthetic, in balance, a brand on it’s own and because of all the not done elements added up super cool!


Don’t you think so?
Let me know your own Top #3!

And the result.. Yomar Augusto workshop

dinsdag, oktober 11th, 2011

Last month I visited the Typography festival ‘Now we are talking’ at the F.A.S.T. Surf village in The Hague. It was an inspiring visit. At the fesitival I joined the workshop of Yomar Augusto to enhance my calligraphy and handwriting for the coming years. Our hometown is celebrating 500 years Jheronimus Bosch and I thought it would be nice to develop a type for this occassion.
This is one of the designs:

To be continued…

Now We Are Talking Festival

woensdag, augustus 31st, 2011

Really looking forward to Friday the 2nd of September, than I’ll be visiting the Now we are talking Festival. Together with one of my best friends also typo addict Zwaan en Vos we’ll be attending and joining up for a workshop.

Now we are talking Festival

Great new tool by Wacom: Inkling

woensdag, augustus 31st, 2011

Thx Marck!

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting

donderdag, juni 9th, 2011

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Beautiful! THX WrapMyRideTV

Putting back the face in typography

donderdag, februari 3rd, 2011

Erik Spiekermann – Putting Back the Face into Typography from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Thx! Ogilvy

New free font STOP POLICE

maandag, oktober 4th, 2010


This font I designed for the purpose of, well the name sais it all, a STOP POLICE sign I needed in my design:


To get this job done quickly, easy and neat, I used my favorite quick fontbuilding web app

The font is free for download from my website: GHDesigns – Typography. (Yes, it’s in Dutch, use Google to translate, there will be an EN version soon)

Fontstruct applicable? Dingemans Architecture designed this tile wall with it

zaterdag, mei 15th, 2010

tegels-tunnelwand-Hengelo Dingemans Architectuur

Jeroen architect at Dingemans architectuur is a co-worker friend who is working at our office was working on a tile wall for the station in Hengelo. The station is a central point of departure for trains into Europe and to local places. He told me his concept to design lines along which all the different Capitals of Europe would be placed in names, kinda like a Metromap.

So, I pointed out that he could do this very easy with Fontstruct, a program whitch I had been working with for a while. It worked out great, it’s easy and fast to get a font out, better then having to draw and copy past every block in the right place with Illustrator or Coreldraw.

More images overhere: Tile wall Dingemans Architecture

I am now officially a frontend hero!

vrijdag, mei 14th, 2010

As off this week I officially joined frontend-heroes.
Frontend-HEROES is the loose collaboration of frontend developers working individually or together on bigger interface projects.

I myself was introduced by my friend Wilfred to join up on a project for Agis in 2006. I was then a good designer, but no-good frontend developer. Working with (crappy, I didn’t know yet) WYSIWYG tools like GoLive and Dreamweaver. Wilfred helped me into W3C, semantic and good HTML CSS coding. It opened my eyes and made me in 4 years the better and happier frontend, user-interface and interaction designer I am today!

Today we are still exploring the fronteers on good semantic coding. We are passionate about our work, we develop better things for a better cause. We like working opensource to share our things with the rest of the world.

Here here! for frontend-heroes

Thnx guys 🙂

Klonk Narrow – Fontstruct typedesign version 2

woensdag, mei 12th, 2010


Update on Klonk typeface:
After looking at it posting this article (actually my first review). I thought Klonk V1 was a bit to wide in comparison to the Knip and Gruytefabriek type. I made a new version called Klonk-Narrow.

Download the font overhere:
Download over here at Fontstruct: Klonk-Narrow
Thnx for the tip Aphoria! 🙂

Fontstruct team also made it a Top pick on the Fontstruct site. I’m very proud and gratefull, thnx Afrojet!