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Building typefaces gets easy with fontstruct

dinsdag, mei 11th, 2010


In the early days of my existence as a graphic designer, the 90ies. I was working a lot with industrial types and monospaced block fonts doing a lot of techno label and flyer designs. At that time a had to build and shuffle a lot with illustrator to get everything worked out and in place.

Today it has become a lot easier!
Thanks to Fontstruct by Fontshop. For example I took 2 fonttypes of Atelier René Knip and Gruyterfabriek. If you look at them, the’re almost the same.


This is a block kind of type, so we can use fontstruct to build it. Fontstruct has a Lego kind of library with buildingblocks great quickly build fonttypes like these. The only thing you need to do is sign up, build your font on a square grid, like this:
Click download and you are ready to go! The download button renders a ttf file you can use as a real font. Great isn’t it?
All your favorite monotype block fonts made in a minute. It took me about 4 hours this weekend to build.

Okay it doesn’t support the big round corners. But I’ve got the ttf. Open it in a proper fontddesign program and you can add the nice round corners of the C or G to get it right. A kid can do the laundry, as we say in Dutch.

Feel free to use it and try it out.
Download the font overhere:

Open standards not only for web! 🙂

2010 Design

zondag, mei 2nd, 2010


Busy on 2010 Design, for covers. Still not there, but enjoying the process.

Words on typography and usability on the iPad

woensdag, april 21st, 2010

Typographers are not enthousiast about the lack of good font support on the iPad.

What the iPad is Missing (No, it’s not a Camera) By Fontshop

Never the less, as interaction designer myself I do embrace the use of web applications. Why? Is iBook important? No! It’s not useful at all. Publishers should come out of there cubicles and explore the best way to present digital media: THE WEB!!! We are allready helping you a decade, developping better ways of presentation for digital media. It’s opensource and userfriendly.. Don’t miss the boat!

Nice article by ‘Guru’ Zeldman on developping for iPad (eo):

Here you can generate your font code for web, all browsers:

So you need a typeface? Here’s a suggestion

dinsdag, april 20th, 2010


Nice! I got as far as OCR 🙂

Thnx JD!

The end of print, nice!

dinsdag, maart 30th, 2010

Thanx SV!

Nice S

donderdag, maart 18th, 2010

fontss Typography design Jerhonimus Bosch type draft

Just to keep you a bit warm.
Yes I’m still busy on my font designs.
And yes, there will be a beta version of the first sans light very soon!
And no, this is not a design lamp.
More on this font design later on..

Nice! Short movie made with famous logo’s

zaterdag, maart 6th, 2010

Thnx WNAS!

Finally! New pure webfonts for the web, by FontShop

woensdag, februari 24th, 2010

Afbeelding 1

Throw away your Verdana! Get rid of your Flash tricks and Sifr! Enhanced webstandards and new special webfonts are finally making their way onto the the web.

Fontshop introduces more than 30 of the most common used typefaces as special “Web Safe Fonts”. The front-end technique to work with different typefaces was already developed, but as I know from experience, looked pretty savy. With these new specially for web developed sets of popular fonts – like the DIN, Meta and Dax – we gain a new set of tools to bring the web more alive again!

Read the article at FontShop here

Also: Forum article

Font design

zondag, januari 24th, 2010

We’re busy on some fonts we had laying around for some years. It turns out that there had to be done more adjusting than we’d expected.
building a good font is quite a patient job.

Type design for IKEA

vrijdag, januari 22nd, 2010

Working on a project for IKEA, I was asked to create a scratch kinda type based on IKEA Verdana. IKEA Verdana is besides the IKEA Sans (special modified Futura) most common used type in their corporate style.