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Content management gets a lot easier with CSS3

maandag, juli 12th, 2010

Afbeelding 1

A client asked for a nice ‘Polaroid foto effect’, but I didn’t want to get stuck in Photoshopping every photo. So here’s the result.
It won’t show everything in every browser, but it will in most any and all newer browsers.

The effect works as follows:
The border is simply a border, with the bottom border a bit longer.
Constrain your image to a certain measure.
(Now comes the css3 part)
Rotate the image by some percent.
Give it a shadow as final touch

And here you are. It will fit every foto in the same way.
Nice isn’t it?

View the page on:

Our solar sytem build entirely into CSS3

woensdag, mei 19th, 2010

Slarsytem build in css3

Very nicely made. Our solar system build in CSS3 using border-radius, transform and animations. currently only working in Safari and Chrome as they support these properties.

Thnx WNAS!

I am now officially a frontend hero!

vrijdag, mei 14th, 2010

As off this week I officially joined frontend-heroes.
Frontend-HEROES is the loose collaboration of frontend developers working individually or together on bigger interface projects.

I myself was introduced by my friend Wilfred to join up on a project for Agis in 2006. I was then a good designer, but no-good frontend developer. Working with (crappy, I didn’t know yet) WYSIWYG tools like GoLive and Dreamweaver. Wilfred helped me into W3C, semantic and good HTML CSS coding. It opened my eyes and made me in 4 years the better and happier frontend, user-interface and interaction designer I am today!

Today we are still exploring the fronteers on good semantic coding. We are passionate about our work, we develop better things for a better cause. We like working opensource to share our things with the rest of the world.

Here here! for frontend-heroes

Thnx guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Opera joins in on the discussion Flash vs Apple

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

Opera definitely feels that both technologies have there own role in webdevelopment. But overall web developement will benefit from open web standards.
I agree!

Read here,via WNAS: WNAS

Thnx WNAS!

Words on typography and usability on the iPad

woensdag, april 21st, 2010

Typographers are not enthousiast about the lack of good font support on the iPad.

What the iPad is Missing (No, itโ€™s not a Camera) By Fontshop

Never the less, as interaction designer myself I do embrace the use of web applications. Why? Is iBook important? No! It’s not useful at all. Publishers should come out of there cubicles and explore the best way to present digital media: THE WEB!!! We are allready helping you a decade, developping better ways of presentation for digital media. It’s opensource and userfriendly.. Don’t miss the boat!

Nice article by ‘Guru’ Zeldman on developping for iPad (eo):

Here you can generate your font code for web, all browsers:

Website Vermeulen Reclame Carwrapping is LIVE!

zaterdag, april 17th, 2010

Vermeulen Carwrapping Belettering

Our latest work.
Design and development of the restyled Vermeulen Reclame website.
Vermeulen reclame is specialist in the field of carwrapping, a new form of commercial application for cars. With carwrapping the whole car is wrapped in a printable foil for a full covered effect. Vermeulen was one of the first to offer this technique in the Netherlands.

At first I wanted to build the whole website in Flash because there was a lot of moving content involved, but the good Frontend developer that I want to be said: It’s not that necessary! There’s little real animation. So I build all in HTML with 1 flash element and jquery. I managed to keep the HTML css very small which I’m very proud of.
The design is still very flashy, you wouldn’t think it’s such little code.

I thought of HTML 5 but that’s going to be the next revision. First we’re gonna check out the SEO and build the WrapmyrideTV site.

Many thanx to MXV!!

Later on more…

The end of print, nice!

dinsdag, maart 30th, 2010

Thanx SV!

LocalDeals Jimmy is live!

dinsdag, maart 23rd, 2010


LocalDeals is LIVE! Starring our latest character Jim. is a visual mapped search engine for computer, mobile and other handheld devices (such as the iPad) for finding the lowest pricings of any kind of product in your local area. If you want the latest deals in your neighbourhood you can find them overthere.

Singlesbar for Aukje

donderdag, maart 18th, 2010


This time we only did the Frontend development. The design was made by a advertising agency as you can see, not to well on digital communication and web UI. Though I pushed through some changes – they were using squeezed scratchy fonts everywhere – brr.. very 90ies!

The backend is in Python, first time I worked in this environment. It’s got great features! Professionally build by the Django Web Studio guys, Great Job!

Okay, about the concept, well it’s not one I’m into (I’m not single). Good thing Aukje van Ginneken (former soapie in Holland) generates the publicity for this website. See here:


Thanx DP!

Nice! Short movie made with famous logo’s

zaterdag, maart 6th, 2010

Thnx WNAS!