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Website Vermeulen Reclame Carwrapping is LIVE!

zaterdag, april 17th, 2010

Vermeulen Carwrapping Belettering

Our latest work.
Design and development of the restyled Vermeulen Reclame website.
Vermeulen reclame is specialist in the field of carwrapping, a new form of commercial application for cars. With carwrapping the whole car is wrapped in a printable foil for a full covered effect. Vermeulen was one of the first to offer this technique in the Netherlands.

At first I wanted to build the whole website in Flash because there was a lot of moving content involved, but the good Frontend developer that I want to be said: It’s not that necessary! There’s little real animation. So I build all in HTML with 1 flash element and jquery. I managed to keep the HTML css very small which I’m very proud of.
The design is still very flashy, you wouldn’t think it’s such little code.

I thought of HTML 5 but that’s going to be the next revision. First we’re gonna check out the SEO and build the WrapmyrideTV site.

Many thanx to MXV!!

Later on more…