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Philip Zimbardo on “The Secret Powers of Time”

maandag, juni 14th, 2010

Another great animation from RSA.

Our solar sytem build entirely into CSS3

woensdag, mei 19th, 2010

Slarsytem build in css3

Very nicely made. Our solar system build in CSS3 using border-radius, transform and animations. currently only working in Safari and Chrome as they support these properties.

Thnx WNAS!

Super! Rebuild your TV with Wii remote to 3D TV

dinsdag, mei 18th, 2010

This is really awesome. 3D TV, Augmented reality we’re really on the verge of a break through in 3D virtual reality.

Thnx MM!

LEGO augmented reality, cool!

zondag, mei 16th, 2010

Wow! Augmented reality is finding it’s way into our ordinairy live. Watch how this guy can see what’s in the box.

Thnx MvD!

Great presentation on what drives people to do better things

vrijdag, mei 14th, 2010

Open standards and freetime autonomy projects work!
Wow this really hooks on to my previous post. Spending freetime on Fontstruct types is motivating, gives me satisfaction and leads to better results. And offcourse I give it away for free.

Opera joins in on the discussion Flash vs Apple

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

Opera definitely feels that both technologies have there own role in webdevelopment. But overall web developement will benefit from open web standards.
I agree!

Read here,via WNAS: WNAS

Thnx WNAS!

Adobe vs Apple continues

donderdag, mei 6th, 2010

You could wait on the reaction.
Here’s what Adobe says onmacrumors.

News on Apple vs Adobe

donderdag, april 29th, 2010

Words on Flash by Steve Jobs

As a Frontend developer of HTML5 and css3 a lot now a days, I can agree. Only making animations (cartoon like) is more easy to make with Flash. ‘Why can’t they all get along?’

Kapreles’ nice cartoons

vrijdag, april 9th, 2010


The end of print, nice!

dinsdag, maart 30th, 2010

Thanx SV!